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Dr. Jerwanda Johnson, DNP, FNP-C

Dr. Jerwanda is a graduate from Chatham University with over 15 years experience. Her greatest strength as a provider is her ability to connect with people. She was introduced to her purpose at a young age. As a teenager, she realized her passion for the medical field was rooted in her. Having survived a car accident, having a house collapse on her and her children from a category 5 tornado, the love for medical became profound.


Helping others to maintain and improve well-being is a burning desire of hers. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing, meditating, and being with family. Dr. Johnson also answered the call to provide excellent quality care to the patients who were left behind by Dr. John Ogundipe. As Dr. Ogundipe's nurse at Northeast Atlanta Rehab, she worked along side Dr. Ogundipe under his leadership and supervision for many years. 

3579 Highway 138 Se Ste 103 Stockbridge, GA 30281 (Phone) 770-629-4374 (Fax) 678-782-6818

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